Terms & Conditions

1. Permissions.
The customer is engaging Geek Goddess to develop a new or improve an existing web site. The customer will provide the Geek Goddess access to their hosting account and/or other accounts required to complete the project.

2. Design.
It takes time, patience and considerable skill to ensure that web sites render correctly in various browsers (and their various versions). Sometimes additional code and/or pages are required to ensure compatibility. Geek Goddess guarantees that all sites created by us display correctly within the latest stable versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari and Opera, but any supplementary browser and/or platform testing will incur extra charges. While Geek Goddess will endeavour to always code a fully compatible design, our guarantee cannot extend to old versions of browsers, text browsers, mobile devices or any design feature that we advise may not display correctly across all browsers.

3. Accessibility
Geek Goddess is committed to meeting the accessibility guidelines for web site development recommended by the WIA without sacrificing quality. This includes consideration of rendering in text-only browsers such as Lynx.

4. Development
Geek Goddess retains the licence to allocate subcontractors for design projects. All subcontractors meet the Geek Goddess’ own high standards of design, quality and compliance.

5. Copyright
The customer unreservedly guarantees that all materials provided to Geek Goddess for use in the project are the property of the client or are used with prior, written consent of their owners. This includes, but is not limited to, all images, logos, and text. Geek Goddess is not responsible for any claim and/or suit resulting from their use.

Geek Goddess retains copyright of the final web design site produced by Geek Goddess or its subcontractors. The customer is assigned permission to use the design project as a web site once final payment (and any additional charges incurred) have been paid. Rights to graphics and source code are not transferred to the customer and remain the property of their respective owners. Geek Goddess and its subcontractors retain the right to display graphics as examples of their work in their portfolios.

6. Credits.
All projects produced by Geek Goddess require a link on the website back to http://geek-goddess.co.uk unless prior arrangements have been agreed in advance and writing. The customer guarantees that all links to Geek Goddess will remain embedded within the site and in their original placement for as long as the webdesign is live. Removal of the Geek Goddess link contravenes this agreement & will be considered a breach of contract.

7. Completion
The customer and Geek Goddess will agree a completion deadline in advance commencing the design project. Geek Goddess will endeavour to complete all work on time. If the customer does not furnish Geek Goddess with the information, login/access details, text or images within 30 days the deposit clears, the whole amount will be immediately due.

As changes, additions, amendments and unforeseen circumstances can sometimes delay a deadline, the customer understands and agrees not to hold Geek Goddess responsible for any deadline delay.

8. Publication
Files, including non-watermarked images, are emailed or posted to the client upon final payment. Publication of the design into the client’s site is also only completed once final payment has cleared. Unless previously and expressly agreed, the customer understands the Geek Goddess is not responsible for any hosting charges.

9. Recovery
Geek Goddess is not responsible for maintaining, changing, updating, amending, fixing or replacing any aspect of this project once final payment has been received. Extra copies of projects can be purchased for $50.00. Files are not sent until payment has been received.

10. Electronic Commerce
The customer is wholly responsible for adhering to such taxes, laws and tariffs. The Geek Goddess is not responsible for any claim, tax, suit, tariff or penalty resulting from the customer’s exercise of internet electronic commerce.

11. Payments.
A 25% deposit of the estimated whole cost of the project is required in advance before Geek Goddess will commence the project. This 25% will be refunded to the final invoice on completion. Watermarks on text, code and images will not be removed until Geek Goddess is in receipt of full payment. All deposits are non-refundable and all payments should be made in US dollars.

Payments can only be made via PayPal.

Please pay promptly. Overdue invoices will incur a $50 charge if we do not receive full payment within fourteen days of the issue date. An additional 5% fee will be added to the amount owing for each further month of delinquency. Geek Goddess will remove the web site and withhold site files until invoices are settled. Should a collection agency be invoked, the customer agrees that they are liable for all additional fees incurred.

Full payment terminates this contract and confirms that the project has been completed to the cilent’s